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Another Exciting Day

Found out I got front-paged in the Concord Monitor on Sunday:

Woke up early and Jeff and I drove to the White Mountains, which looks amazing in spring! Got to Cannon Mountain and took the Tram to the top with Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter. Met a Draft Gore accomplice of ours and helped out as he collected petition signatures and interviewed with WBUR about getting Gore to run for President.

Met with our Congressman, Paul Hodes, and got to really talk with him about stuff for the first time (he still doesn't remember us after meeting 10 times).

We sat and watched the 2 hour long Global Warming Summit of the House Select Committee on Global Warming.

It was our first time seeing a Congressional hearing in real life... it was awesome. Got to see Rep. James "Fat-cat Republican" Sensenbrenner try his hardest to disprove Global Warming to the expert panel of scientists. Money from Big Oil can do that to you.

We got to talk with all sorts of environmental activists (and Gore supporters) afterwards. Also had a strategizing session with our new partner in creating Draft Gore NH, who we luckily ran into at the summit.

We had to hurry back into the tram to get down the mountain because of the 40 knot winds. It was a bumpy ride down but we didn't even notice because we were standing next to Congressman Ed Markey from Massachusetts, the committee's chairman. This guy was awesome, and he got a kick out of my Al Gore '08 button. He was the friendliest, most down to earth guy - can't wait until he replaces John Kerry as Senator some day..

We had a long drive home through the rain, stopped off in Concord to collect our mileage for the day.

Had to have a Nashua Delegation caucus at Rep. Bette Lasky's house back in Nashua. It was ridiculous. We just listened to Democratic leadership tool on us for an hour and a half, trying to whip us all into voting for this god-awful Constitutional Amendment. My mind wasn't made up on it, and I ended up getting into a bit of a confrontation over it.

They are constantly telling us, "Jeff and Andy, it's so good to have you up at the state house, you're so sharp" and "nothing gets by you!". Well don't be surprised when we actually call you on your bullshit! This is the stupidest political embroilment I've been in so far.

Principles or politics? I only have two more days to choose...

- by Andy Edwards | 6/05/2007 | Comments (0)

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