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Vote for me in online poll!

An incredible opportunity has presented itself for me to get adequate financing for my campaign and I need all of you to help by voting for me in this online contest:
  • Fill in your Name, E-mail, and Zip code
  • Do a quick search of the page for ‘Edwards’ or find me under Hillsborough-26
  • Check off Andrew J. Edwards and cast that ballot!

The Forward Together PAC is letting people vote on their website for the NH State Rep. candidate that they feel will most change the political map this year. The top 15 finishers will receive $500 towards their campaigns, and the top 5 will receive $1000.

I don’t like asking most people for money, so this is a great way for me to reach my fundraising goal. As a college student, I face a challenge in covering the costs for the basic materials needed to campaign (signs, literature, etc.). The important thing to remember here is that this is not necessarily a vote for me to win, it’s simply a vote to put everyone on an even playing field.

Please tell your friends and family to vote too! The poll ends Oct. 8th, next Sunday.

- by Andy Edwards | 9/28/2006 | Comments (1)

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Congratulations on placing 3rd on the Forward Together Poll! I am sure you will stay in the top 5 and win that $1000 for your campaign. Best of luck.  

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