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The Annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Last night, thanks to the generosity of the Nashua City Democrats, I was treated to a great evening at the NH Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner with keynote speaker Sen. John Kerry.

Alexander Gallichon (left), Sen. John Kerry and Andrew Edwards

The long night was full of speeches and full of energy, with recent events making it clear that we're going to take back America this November 7th. I'd have to say the greatest emphasis was on the U.S. Congressional races, with Paul Hodes giving the best speech I've seen to date, and Carol Shea-Porter ripping hard into Charlie Bass

This was the biggest political event I've been to so far, getting a chance to talk many state rep candidates who I've been looking forward to meeting, and also being introduced to Sen. Kerry by State Senator Lou D'Allesandro, another fellow candidate and newly-made acquaintance.

Update - More Coverage of Event: The Union Leader, Nashua Telegraph, and Sunday's Washington Post have all picked up Kerry's speech from Friday night, a recording of it will also be broadcasted on C-SPAN tonight (Sunday) at 6:30pm

Kerry's speech in particular was powerful and one of the best I've seen him give. He isn't really the type of speaker who connects with an audience but last night his voice bellowed out a damning indictment of the people running our country and intensified our motivation to take the Republicans out of power in 2006:

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie. What we have in Washington is a house of lies, and in November, we need to clean house

(lied about Iraq)
They tell us we're making progress in Iraq and that there is no civil war. That is a lie.
It's immoral to lie about progress in that war in order to get through a news cycle or an election cycle.

(lied about N. Korea)
That is a lie. North Korea's nuclear program was frozen under
Bill Clinton. When George W. Bush turned his back on diplomacy, Kim Jong Il turned back to making bombs, and the world is less safe because a madman has the Bush bomb.

(lied about Foley)
This issue is here because of a Republican cover-up," he said. "And those from the party that preaches moral values that covered this up have no right to preach moral values anymore.

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- by Andy Edwards | 10/14/2006 | Comments (0)

Thank you everyone - We did it!

Thanks to hundreds of friends, family members, and fellow students, I finished in 3rd place in the NH MapChangers contest!

Thank you everyone who voted for me - this is a major breakthrough for my campaign and will enable me to be a serious contender in this race.

Gov. Mark Warner's contribution of $1000 will allow me to campaign on a more effective level including financing for my lawn signs, campaign literature to be printed in mass quantity, and money left over for extras like campaign buttons, business cards, and possibly a newspaper ad.

Congratulations to my fiscal agent, Jeff Fontas, for coming in 5th place! He is running over in District 24 and won a $1000 donation as well.

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- by Andy Edwards | 10/11/2006 | Comments (1)