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Who I Am... A brief biography and why I'm running
My Background

ANDREW EDWARDS is currently a Biochemistry Scholar at Worcester Polytechnic Institute working towards an M.S./B.S. degree. He has been a Senator in the WPI Student Government since March 2006, serving in the Committee on Academic Issues. He is also a founding member of the WPI chapter of College Democrats.

He was inducted into the National Honor Society and graduated from Nashua High School South in 2005. He participated in We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution, a program offered by the Center for Civic Education through which he interacted with members of
New Hampshire’s judiciary and legislature and completed an intensive study on American constitutional principles.

He has grown up with a progressive outlook on education from spending 13 years in the
Nashua School District, and having his mother, Mary Edwards, actively involved in the Nashua schools by volunteering, serving in the New Searles PTO, and working as a paraprofessional for 8 years.

He also gained a unique awareness of issues facing families with disabilities through experience with his younger sister Katie, through the activity of his family in special needs advocacy groups, and his father's past involvement in the Northern New England Down Syndrome Congress.

He has had a diverse range of work experience, from manufacturing on the third shift at Teradyne, working as an IT assistant at a software engineering company, and years of work in the service industry.

My Decision To Run

Participation in democracy has reached an all-time low within my age group, this past decade, and we need more representation in congress for our generation. While it’s important to have people with the greatest experience to be involved in government, it’s equally important to have those who will inheret this world taking part in the decisions that affect their future. The age of eligibility for State Rep would NOT be at 18 if it weren't intended for us to fill this role, and this opportunity isn't being embraced and hasn't been for quite some time. However, our past irresponsibility in taking an active role in government doesn't mean it shall forever be so. It's time to challenge the status quo!

America badly needs Democratic leadership right now, and given our current holdings in the State House, this is the most important state election of our time. With Governor Lynch’s overwhelming popularity after his first term in office, the only thing stopping us from moving New Hampshire forward is more Democrats in the legislature.

I know that it is my civic duty to participate in government and I feel that my enthusiasm for politics and interest in improving our state and quality of life would best put to use in serving the people here, where I’ve lived my entire life.

- by Andy Edwards | 9/19/2006 | Comments (0)

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