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Where I Stand... My values and three major issues
My Values

Accountability… To the people, to create the basic public conditions that protect the rights of individuals while also providing them the basic tools they can use to succeed and grow in society

Equality… Fairness doesn’t occur naturally in human society so we need a government that will pursue justice irrespective of persons or power

Investment… In the community, to protect not only ourselves in the present, but also our children and descendents in the future

Opportunity… For a society that is the most stable, successful and just, we must actively work to create the conditions whereby human talent can arise from any segment of society in any walk of life

Unity… So we can move forward together and finally get things done for the benefit of all people

On the Issues

Education… We need to define what an 'adequate' education is as provided for by our state's constitution, because if we don't do it the NH Supreme Court will.

We also need to fund an adequate education for everyone.
Funds need to be distributed equitably and according to state set standards. Local control can still be maintained however something is fundamentally wrong if we have cities like ours setting graduation requirements well and above those of the state, and still not be able to pay their teachers. There are other schools districts in New Hampshire that don't even have the basic infrastructure needed to give children an adequate education.
(also see my responses to the Nashua Teachers' Union Candidate Questionnaire)

Economy… Access to health care should be universal and would be best implemented at the state level. Beyond our basic moral responsibility to provide for the common good, it is good for our economy to have future generations of healthy children and to take care of our sick and elderly.

Raise the minimum wage. It's sad that New Hampshire only provides for the bare minimum as set by the federal government. $5.15 an hour is unnacceptable due to inflation and the rising cost of living. New Hampshire's workers deserve a living wage.
(also see Over 650 of America's top economists call for raise in minimum wage -- Oct. 11, 2006)

Environment… We need to reduce emissions, stop pollution of our land and water, and protect wildlife in this great state. Global Warming is a major threat to our way of life and states like New Hampshire have the most at stake. New Hampshire is known for it's unique natural beauty and environment of freedom. We need to keep our forests alive, our groundwater pure, and our coastline intact. If we don't enact serious restrictions now, we will be forced to make major changes to our way of life in the near future.

We need to research and invest in clean energy alternatives. We are facing a major energy crisis because of our dependence on foreign fossil fuels. Conserving our current forms of energy is simply procrastination and is harmful to both our people and the environment. Instead of propping up a dying industry, we need to put everything we have into exploring sustainable sources of energy.

- by Andy Edwards | 9/19/2006 | Comments (0)

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